Marriott Asia Pacific Brings its Top Chefs to Manila for a Seafood Cookfest

Marriott Hotel Manila

Marriott Hotel Manila hosted the Marriott-Asia Pacific Culinary Workshop 2017, a collaborative gathering of the region’s tops chefs.

With the event being managed by Mitch Garcia, Marriott Hotel Manila’s Director for Marketing Communications, the Marriott-Asia Pacific culinary experts will be brought to Barangay 76 Zone 10 in Pasay City on August 1, 2017 for a seafood cook-off challenge.

Food Fiesta Marriott Asia Pacific Bar and Chef Workshop 2017

Billed as Food Fiesta, Marriott Asia Pacific Bar & Chef Workshop 2017, the event showcases the cooking skills of Marriott’s regional top chefs using Meliomar’s seafood products and other homegrown ingredients.

8 groups of Marriott-Asia Pacific chefs were asked to draw lots (seafood to use in their dishes), and were given two hours to complete their dish of choice using the type of seafood that was picked by their respective team leaders.

The winners will be declared by means of ping-pong ball voting. The audience, composed of local residents, bloggers and Meliomar employees will vote based on the best dish of their choice by dropping each ping-pong ball in a big plastic container. The team with the most number of ping-pong ball balls will be declared the winner.

Meliomar Inc. is the local processing and export partner of the ARTESMAR® Initiative in the Philippines and owned by the Swiss mother company BLUEYOU.  Meliomar Inc. operates buying stations in the fishery project areas all over the country, facilitates domestic logistics and manufactures premium quality tuna products in two processing facilities in Metro Manila. Meliomar exports tuna and mahi-mahi products under the ARTESMAR® brand and fishery improvement scheme worldwide.


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