Mercury Drug Queuing System Hack for Senior Citizens

mercury drug queueing system hack

Mercury Drug Queueing system hack discovered.

In an effort to minimize complaints by customers competing for the pharmacist’s attention and to systematize regular customers from senior citizen customers, Mercury Drug installed a digital queueing system in their branches.

True enough, the system was able to solve the queueing woes of customers. Regular customers simply need to push the button assigned to regular customers, and a numbered ticket starting with the letter R prints out, for example, ‘R0001’. The regular customer then gets his ticket and waits for it to be called out on a monitor with the assigned counter number.

Similarly, senior citizens go through the same process but this time they press the button assigned to senior citizens. A numbered ticket starting with the letter S prints out, for example, ‘S0001’. The senior citizen customer then gets his ticket and waits for it to be called out on a monitor with the assigned counter number.

Senior citizens are requested to present their Senior Citizen IDs so that the pharmacists can assist them and give them the appropriate discounts.

Regular customers don’t have any discounts given to them not unless there is a promo.

Logically, regular customers are not allowed to queue for the S – button as this is specifically for senior citizens, right? Even if you try, the pharmacists won’t allow you and will direct you to queue as a regular customer. (Not unless, you are queueing for a senior citizen.)

In my recent visit to a Mercury Drug branch to buy our regular medications, I discovered that some senior citizens have found a Mercury Drug queueing system hack in Mercury Drug’s queueing system.

Senior citizens are not prohibited from pressing the button for regular customers.

Apparently, there was a long queue for senior citizens. One senior citizen pressed both of the buttons and took both the R and S numbered ticket. Genius right?

The Mercury Drug queueing system hack gives the senior citizen the benefit of queueing in two lines. Whichever comes first right?

There is no law banning senior citizens from being regular customers.

It’s a good thing that the senior citizen discount was given to the senior citizen in spite of him being in the regular queue.

So, there.

Happy hacking Lolos and Lolas.


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