Ramen Nagi Has the Best Ramen in Town

Ramen Nagi Butao King

This week I found myself unexpectedly having lunch with clients in Ramen Nagi – The Podium. It was my first time to eat Ramen in a Japanese restaurant. My experience with Japanese food was mostly a fill of sushi, tonkatsu, and california maki.

This was an experience that was worth the while for a palate like mine.

My order of Butao King (traditional pork-bone) ramen was an excellent choice. “Why?”, you ask. The taste was heavenly. Noodle soup bliss, to be exact.

A ramen newbie like me, simply breezed through the order slip provided by the pretty waitress named, ‘Kayne’ He he he. Yes, I appreciate beauty.

Ramen Nagi provides a custom made order slip that makes you pick whatever you want in your ramen of choice.

The choices are as follows:

  • Richness of Taste level
  • Special Sauce level
  • Garlic level
  • Pork inclusion
  • Vegetable inclusion
  • Level of Spicyness
  • Noodle firmness
  • Other additions
  • Drinks

ramen nagi order slip

Knowing that I used chopsticks a long time ago, using the two bamboo type sticks in my fingers when eating the Butao King Ramen proved to be a challenge again.

Nevertheless, I was successful as I almost finished the entire bowl with a bit of soup left before the meeting started.

Ramen Nagi’s Butao King ramen was absolutely delicious. I didn’t regret including the pork belly in my order. The meat was tender and perfect for my choice of ramen.

Priced a bit high, but worth it.

I’m going back to try Ramen Nagi’s Black King, Red King and Green King ramen, with the family next time.

Good job, Ramen Nagi. You just made a ramen lover out of me.

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