The Recruiter Knows What Your Body Language Mean

body language

Your body tells much about you when being interviewed for a job. Body language are the expertise of recruiters. So, it’s best to be careful in doing what you do when you are in an interview.

Although most managers pay attention to your verbal answers, they’re also looking at how you deliver them. Actions really speak louder than words.

Every move you make, when you look in their eyes, the moment that you fidget, when you play with your pen, or when you move your legs, all these cues make an impression of who you really are.

An eye contact, a handshake or even your posture can all help or hinder your chances of being hired. Your body language says more about you and gives interviewers plus or minus points when they decide to hire a candidate even before the candidate even has a chance to answer your questions. Employers now have the ability to know within the first five minutes of an interview if a candidate is a great fit for a position.

You need to practice positive body language

There are positive nonverbal cues that you can show during an interview to help the interview team view you positively.

For example, sitting straight indicates that you’re paying attention, and a slight lean forward conveys interest and engagement. Always make sure that you brought along your killer and genuine smile as it makes everyone feel more comfortable. Your handshake should be firm, but not too much.

Never shake your leg, tap your fingers or play with a pencil during interviews.

Never stare as this is not acceptable, but looking at the speaker in the eyes from time to time would be perfect. Be engaged. Interact. Be present in the moment, respond to questions as best as you can maintaining the respect due to the interviewer.

Your body language says more about you. Just make sure that you don’t send negative cues.

Good luck with that interview.

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