Wonderful Moms to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Century City Mall

mother's day

Every year, we celebrate the love shared between a mother and her child and the simple joys they bring to mothers all around the world on Mother’s Day. The trials, the tribulations, the laughter, and smiles all of it packed into a fun-filled week where mothers are recognized for being the superheroes they are.

There is no love stronger than that of a mother for her child. Despite all of the hardships moms go through, their love never fades.

This year, Century City Mall invites you to immerse yourself in motherhood with our Mother’s Day activities kicking it off on Sunday, May 7, at the 5th floor Events Center as we take you through a day of fun games, activities and seminar that are sure to make your Mother’s Day unforgettable.

One of our activities will be a fun blindfold game, wherein we blindfold the children and he/she has to identify their mothers by touching and feeling their face, hair, and hands as they stand in a line alongside other fellow mothers! This activity will be done in collaboration with the James MacKay Foundation Inc. and the Philippine National School For The Blind, whom will also be sending in students and their mothers to take place in the activities. Serving as a reminder, yet again, that despite obstacles, a mother’s love is unbreakable.

Motherhood is no easy feat, and that is why we are grateful for places like The Parenting Emporium for dedicating so much to making the roles of mothers a whole lot easier. They are a one stop shop for mothers of all kind, specializing in newborn care, breastfeeding hacks, and all the necessities a mother needs to keep her child happy and healthy. We are ecstatic to announce that they will be giving a talk of their own on!

From May 7 – 14, we will be having a Mom’s Fair at the Ground Floor near Mary Grace featuring Bloombox, Flowers by Rosabella, and our Mother’s Day Photo Booth.

We look forward to seeing all of you lovely mothers and your families at our Mother’s Day activities at Century City Mall, Century City, Kalayaan Ave, Makati City. Visit Century CityMall’s Facebook for more details or inquire at our Concierge at (02) 705-6200.


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