It Was the Battery’s Fault, Samsung Says

samsung note 7

Samsung Electronics announced that there were flaws in the design and production of batteries, that were used in its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.

The company took responsibility for the failure, as it said that they did not ensure the design specifications given to its suppliers were fail proof. An ongoing investigation will help the entire smartphone industry to eradicate risks associated with the lithium batteries.

Due to the incident, the Galaxy S8’s launch has been delayed sometime in February. Samsung now promises consumers of high quality controls to ensure safety for all Samsung customers.
Tests conducted to more than 200,000 phones and 30,000 batteries revealed different problems with each of the two kinds of batteries used in the Note 7.
Experts believed that the ultra-thin design and water-resistant features might have been the culprit to the smartphone’s failure.

With its 3,500 mAh battery capacity, Samsungs Galaxy Note 7 features one of the biggest battery capacities so far for smartphones, giving it the highest energy density of all Samsung’s devices.

A week after it’s release, the company recalled the first batch after reports emerged that the phones were overheating and in some cases exploding.

In view of this, aviation authorities banned the smartphone on flights, resulting to Samsung’s withdrawal of the product in the market.

Initial findings point to battery suppliers as the ones who are at fault, due to poor manufacturing processes.

Though Samsung faulted the batteries from its suppliers, it said it shoulder all costs from the Galaxy Note 7 faulty battery issue.

Due to the fiasco, they recalled 3.06 million Note 7 phones.

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