PastaMania Opens It’s First Restaurant in the Philippines


If you are a PastaMania Singapore fanatic, then there is no more need for you to go to Singapore to satisfy your PastaMania cravings. Their first ever Pastamania Restaurant Philippine branch held its grand opening last November 9, 2017 in SM Southmall, Las Pinas.

For those who don’t know anything about this Italian restaurant, they only serve dishes with authentic Italian ingredients. How authentic?

“We actually grow most of our ingredients in our own farms and produce tomatoes in the northern part of Italy, thereby maintaining the authentic and preservative-free sauces that PastaMania is famous for.” says Lam Yew Kwong, Regional Manager

lam yew kwong
Lam Yew Kwong, Regional Manager

PastaMania also uses high quality ingredients from Italy such as high-protein durum wheat pastas, extra virgin olive oil and even their gelati (plural of gelato) and coffee ingredients are all Italian made. They offer wholesome and healthier options with many items on the menu labeled with calorie count. The experience is made even more special with their remarkable dining ambiance.

The PastaMania outlet in SM Southmall is designed in accordance to the Italian Piazza concept, which means “City-Square”, where the bustle of Italian public life takes place.

PastaMania customers can find the Italian bakery ‘Panificio’, grocery shop ‘Alimentari’, the gelato cart, detailed Italian window architecture, signages and murals.

The objective of this authentic Italian concept is to bring a piece of Italy to their customers so that they can enjoy the simple pleasures of living like the Italians do.

PastaMania boasts of an extensive menu of close to 136 choices. With the most extensive pasta menu in town, consumers get to customize their meal by choosing the type of pasta they want from a selection of spaghetti, linguine, penne, fusilli or wholemeal. PastaMania Filipino customers will surely love the signature classic pasta creations: “ranging from chunky minced Beef Bolognese, the very flavorful Prawn Aglio, the creamy Ham Cheesy Crumble, the juicy white wine Vongole and PastaMania’s signature dessert pizzas, such as Banana pizza, (which is one of my favorites) and Strawberry pizza, topped-up with a scoop of gelato.

PastaMania Prawn Aglio
Prawn Aglio Pasta
PastaMania Ham Cheesy Crumble Pizza
Ham Cheesy Crumble Pizza
PastaMania Pepperoni Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza

For those who wanted to sample their premium pasta offerings, you might like the ‘Polla Alla Milanese’, where parmesan breaded chicken thigh is served with tomato sauce pasta and a tangy mixed salad.

PastaMania Pollo Alla Milanese
Pollo Alla Milanese
PastaMania Banana Pizza
Banana Pizza
PastaMania Blueberry Crumble Pizza
Blueberry Crumble Pizza

PastaMania connects with the kids and families through the ‘Doughworkz” initiative. The Doughworkz is a pasta and pizza making program customized for children from 4 to 12 years of age. The hands-on experience helps nourish the kids’ mind and body while the fun facts of food preparation and equipment are to expand their food culinary knowledge.


To date, this pizza and pasta brand spans across 13 countries with more than 50 outlets located in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. Visit them today in SM Southmall, Las Pinas!

PastaMania also opens its Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam; Doha, Qatar and Sri Lanka stores in the near future.

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