Squirrels in the City


Have you noticed any squirrels lately?

Yes, squirrels. Small rodent like animals running on telco lines right side of EDSA from Chino Roces Avenue to Pasay Road.

I couldn’t believe my eyes upon seeing this cute furry little animals freely running around in this Makati area.

Come to think of it, are squirrels native animals of the Philippines? I guess not, but it was quite amusing seeing these furry little animals running around.

I thought of the possibilities. These squirrels escaping from their cages, OR their owners realized that keeping them was depriving them of what Mother Nature planned them for.

The thought of these animals running around raised questions in my mind. What are they eating? Have they bred already? Where are they staying and up to where have they gone?

Wala lang naisip lang.

Whatever. They are just plain cute animals.

Seated inside the public transport, I grabbed my trusted old smartphone and Googled squirrels in Makati and squirrels in the Philippines.

Here’s what I found.

There were also stories of residents in Alabang fearing the presence of these animals, as they are said to be members of the rodent family, and might endanger residents from being bitten. Squirrel bites are said to cause high fever or tetanus leading to severe complications or even death.

Whatever the case may be, report animal sightings to PAWS, as these people know whats best for these furry little creatures.

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