Faith in Humanity Restored by an Honest Filipino Bus Conductor

Raymond Corpus honest bus conductor
Raymond Corpus honest bus conductor with Arni Paragas and father, Dominador

As narrated by Arni Paragas, owner of the lost purse, she found out that her purse was missing when she arrived home from a trip to Nueva Ecija on October 7, 2017.

On October 9, 2017, she received a Facebook message from a certain Mildred Eligio of Luzon Cisco Transport Inc., informing her that Raymond Corpus, one of Luzon Cisco Transport Inc.’s  bus conductors found her lost purse and signified his intention to return it to the owner.

honest bus conductor
Screengrab by Arni Paragas

The purse was successfully returned to the owner (all contents intact)by Raymond Corpus, the honest bus conductor on October 14, 2017 through a meeting that was arranged by Arni Paragas and Cisco Bus company representatives.

At the meeting, Mr. Dominador Paragas, the father of Arni, was so thankful that he decided to give a reward to this honest bus conductor for returning the lost purse.

The honest bus conductor politely refused the reward, saying “Huwag na po.” (No need, sir.) as he believes that it’s part of his job to return things that were lost in his working area to the rightful owner.

May God bless you. Nice to know that there are still honest people like you. I appreciate it very much and I salute you for your good deeds. Thank you very much.

Please like and share. spread the good vibes  – Arni Paragas

Faith in humanity restored! For those who don’t know the meaning of the phrase, faith in humanity restored is an expression indicating an event or good deed has improved one’s opinion of fellow human beings.

What Raymond Corpus did elevates the level of service that bus conductors do for their customers. Honest employees like Raymond Corpus, makes customers loyal to the brand / company that they are serving or working in. We need more like him in different industries.

Congratulations Luzon Cisco Transport, Inc. for having an honest employee like Raymond Corpus.

Commenters on Arni Paragas’ Facebook post only this has to say.

honest bus conductor comments

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