The Best Boracay Tour Package Inclusions for the Millenial Traveller

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Choosing the best Boracay tour package is very important for millenials, as this may predict the level of fun and excitement that’s in store for them whenever they plan a vacation in the scenic white sand beaches of Boracay.

In this article, we have compiled several Boracay tour package inclusions that millenials like you, and me 😉 will definitely enjoy.

Boracay Suncruiser offshore party experience

The Boracay Suncruiser offshore party experience is a unique and fun party experience for group of friends who want to try a not so ordinary Boracay vacation.

This party boat experience offer a two to three hour (usually happening until the sun sets in the horizon) party experience in the middle of the ocean. What’s notable about this Boracay tour package inclusion is that it becomes the perfect place for millennial tourists to watch the grandeur of Boracay’s golden sunset.

The party boat experience includes drinks, appetizers, music and the chance to plunge in the deep blue with a super slide that’s attached to the boat’s launch pad.

ATV rough road adventure

If you are more of the rugged type and has the knack for thrills and exciting adventurous, you can get high on rough road tracks while driving an All-Terrain vehicle (ATV).

You can rent an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) for an hour and explore the rugged forests and endure the toughest and harshest grounds in the Northern coast of Boracay Island.

This ATV rough road adventure provides you a level of excitement whenever you maneuver your ATV along the long stretch of sharp curves, deep slopes and rocky uphill paths.

No worries, as an official guide will lead you and your friends along the rough road adventure to ensure your safety and provide you with prompt assistance whenever you need one, and that includes taking your picture atop a panoramic deck overlooking a private pristine cove.

The ATV rough road adventure cost is pegged at 1,250 PHP per unit rental (good for 1 person) and is perfect for couples, older kids, a group of friends or as a team-building activity. The ATV rough road adventure lasts for 1 hour but be sure you have ample time (so you can still do your other planned activities) as the transportation ride from pick-up place is around 30 minutes.

A guide will assist you and you will be provided with the appropriate safety gear.


Banana Boat

When you are in the beach, the average millennial traveller never fails to ride one of these common Boracay tour package inclusion.

Yes, I am talking about the banana boat. The banana boat is one of the most popular water activities around Boracay and is best experienced when you tow along a group with you. The Banana Boat is a great way for a group to have an exciting, speed-induced ride off Boracay’s white beach.

The price is around 300 pesos per person with a minimum of 5 persons, and approximately 15 minutes long.

Life jackets will be provided.

Reverse Bungy

If you are looking for an action-filled adventure and have a need for speed, not horizontally, but in a seemingly catapulted way, the Reverse Bungy can skyrocket you 60 meters above sea level with a top speed of 200kph.

Priced at 1,600 per person (minimum of two to blast off)

Safety gears are also provided in this Boracay tour package inclusion.

Helicopter Ride

Have you ever been on a helicopter ride before? If you haven’t had one yet, we think you better have this one as a Boracay tour package inclusion, as part of your itinerary.

This 10-minute long sky ride is a fun-filled experience above the white sand island beach of Boracay. See the glorious blue green waters and reefs straight out of the chopper window or perhaps get the chance to take photographs from a high angle.

Priced at 5,200 per person (minimum of 2 persons)

These and more are actually part of the boracay tour package inclusions which Azalea Hotel and Residences concierge get whenever you ask their assistance.

For more details, guests may contact Azalea Hotels and Residences Concierge 0917 882 6673 or you may visit their website at

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