What’s Up with this Jollibee Tear-Jerking Commercial ?


What’s with these Jollibee tear-jerking commercial, Jollibee?

I barely recovered from the last one and again, almost a day ago, you released another one of your Jollibee tear-jerking commercials.

Yes, people, it’s another one of those hugot type commercials that make you break a tear in the middle and then comfort you in the end with their infamous combo value meals.

In the latest Jollibee tear-jerking commercial release, the guy who got ditched for another guy in a wedding scene gets a ‘rebound’.

Although, I don’t want to call it a ‘rebound’ for lack of a word.

What is a rebound exactly? A rebound is when you get into a quick relationship, (wherein you might be using another person (who fell for you) just to get out of that friendzone rut or after being ditched. Yung tipong desperadong magkarelasyon kapalit ng pag-iwan sa kanya ng isang minamahal.


OR so it seems like a rebound, when the girl asks the depressed guy, if the seat is taken, and then he says, “No.”, thinks about the situation and then says, “Sana, ikaw din.”

Any which way, whoever conceptualized this Jollibee tear-jerking commercial videos for you is pure genius. You sure know how to comfort people, with Jollibee’s wide array of comfort food, which is by the way noticeable flashing at the end of the scene.

Me and my son were immediately attracted to your perfect pair value meals.

Sino ba naman ang hindi makakahanap ng comfort sa ChickenJoy sige nga?

For those who don’t know what a comfort food is, a comfort food is defined as food that adults like to eat, when under severe emotional stress, comfort food is food that is commonly associated with the security of childhood, like mother’s poached egg or famous chicken soup. Comfort food is believed to be a great coping mechanism for rapidly soothing negative feelings.

Ginutom tuloy ako, makapag perfect pair na nga.

We are excited to see your next tear-jerker Jollibee. What’s next in your lineup of Jollibee tear-jerking commercials?

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