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Gourmet tuyo
BNJM's Gourmet Tuyo and Seafood Products

One of my favorite Filipino breakfast food, is Tuyo on Garlic fried rice and side dish of sliced tomatoes sprinkled with a bit of salt and a sauce plate of vinegar with chillies ang garlic.

If you belong to a typical Filipino family, chances are you have had the chance to eat tuyo at least once in your lifetime.

Fresh weekend mornings will usually have the long lasting aroma of freshly fried tuyo that can be smelled all over the house, a smell which most people, who doesn’t know anything about tuyo will truly abhor.

In North America, majority of Filipinos won’t fry this dish because of the overpowering smell that it creates, fearing that neighbors might complain. For those who don’t know, Tuyo in the United States is usually wrapped in aluminum foil and then baked rather than being fried to eliminate that funky smell.

The good thing is, there are readily available tuyo in a jar that doesn’t have too much of this funky smell.

BNJM Food Products offers Ready to Eat Gourmet Seafood in a jar.

In particular, they are selling Gourmet seafood in different variants under the Dish brand.

Made from high quality dried herring/tawilis which is native in the Philippines. Mixed with different spices and infused in corn and olive oil.

Choose between Dish Original Gourmet Tuyo, Dish Spicy Gourmet Tuyo,  and Dish Premium Gourmet Tuyo. They are available in 100 grams and 200 grams bottles

Premium Gourmet TuyoTuyo won’t be tuyo if it doesn’t have the smell.
They are also offering the Classic Gourmet Labahita. Made from dried labahita or surgeon fish. Carefully flaked chunks of this saltwater fish is infused with spices in corn oil and packaged ready to eat in 100g and 200g clear bottles.
BNJM Food Products is a family business established early this year by the Go siblings from Marikina. During the lockdown, they discovered the opportunity to manufacture and sell ready to eat seafood products


They also manufactured Chili Garlic and asked their friends to try some samples. The overwhelming response for their products, drove them to innovate products and distribute them to consumers.

Ready to eat dried and fresh seafood ensemble, making your dining experience extra special.

For those who are looking for a home business, BNJM Food Products is also offering local distributorship and resellerships nationwide.

Offered only at a minimal cost investment there is a high degree of success with BNJM Food Products.

For more details, you may visit their website at https://bnjmfoodproducts.com/.

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