RODTrip Finds the Perfect Chili and Garlic Oil

Elmos Chili and Garlic Oil

Foodies from everywhere are searching for the perfect chili and garlic oil to spice up their everyday dishes. Lucky for you, The RODTrip has found one in Elmo’s Chili and Garlic Oil.

Elmo’s Chili and Garlic Oil is great as a dipping oil for gourmet breads, soups, sauces, siomai, siopao, pizza or even on majority of pasta dishes, which includes ramen.

The fiery, fresh and zesty taste of Elmo’s Chili and Garlic oil will surely satisfy your tastebuds and will make you get more servings of rice in a single sitting.

The inspiration for this chili and garlic oil creation comes from the love of family by Filipino Middle East OFW, food professional and part-time rapper, Elmo Casela.

At 40 years old, Elmo Casela says that his level of persistence was due to his experience of being laid off from work in Saudi Arabia. He has then realized that he will not take this unexpected situation sitting down and that he’ll do everything that he can for his family.

Why condiments you say? Elmo’s interest in condiments has paved the way for him to successfully develop one of the unique chili and garlic oils that is now available in the Philippine market.

The RODTrip believes that Elmo’s Chili and Garlic oil is one good product and deserves a spot in major supermarkets and cities in Metro Manila and across the Philippines.

The canola oil based product is cooked with fresh garlic and chili flakes, is best used immediately and must always be used by a clean serving spoon.

Elmo’s chili and garlic oil recipe has created a new level of oil based spices and condiments. And with this statement, it makes it the perfect condiment for any dish.

With a suggested retail price of 130 pesos, this chili and garlic oil variant is now available in 200 ml variants and thousands of bottles have already been sold by it’s new resellers.

Interested parties may directly get in touch with the RODTrip for details.

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