Figaro SM Southmall South Tower, Best Coffee Shop in Las Pinas

Best coffee shop in las pinas

If you are looking for the best coffee shop in Las Pinas, look no further as Figaro’s SM Southmall South Tower does offer the best coffee in town. Figaro, a Philippine owned coffee chain of restaurants was established by a group of coffee lovers and enthusiasts, who got together and dreamed of a cafe where they could lounge and entertain friends and business associates is now a well known coffee shop brand in the Philippines.

The RODTrip family
The RODTrip family

On a bustling family weekend in SM Southmall, looking for the best place to dine is often one of the most challenging things that you’ll experience. Most often than not, getting a seat in at least one of your favorite restaurants in the mall, is one of the most tiring and frustrating things that you’ll ever do. To add to this, you’re bringing your family with you, when you at first intended that the weekend is suppose to be a time when you and your family can have some fun and bond together.

Finding Figaro at SM Southmall’s South Tower proved to be a gem for me, my wife and the kids, when we discovered that they are also offering a line-up of great meals that will surely satisfy our palates.

First of, we never go home without ordering pasta.

Figaro's Italian Meatball Bolognese Pasta
Figaro’s Italian Meatball Bolognese Pasta

My personal choice, Figaro’s Italian Meatball Bolognese is made with 100% beef meatballs, fresh stewed tomatoes, celery and choice herbs and spices.

Figaro Marinated Bangus Belly
Figaro Marinated Bangus Belly

Wife’s and daughter’s choice, Figaro’s Marinated Bangus Belly is made with healthy portion of delicious perfectly marinated daing na Bangus served with tomato-cucumber salsa, fried farm fresh egg and Jasmine Rice.

Figaro’s Chicken Mushroom Carbonara

Son’s choice, Figaro’s Chicken Mushroom Carbonara, is made with creamy & savory white sauce with chicken chunks, shiitake mushroom & all time pasta seasoning parmesan cheese.

Eating hefty meals won’t be complete without Figaro’s delicious cold beverages.

Figaro’s specialty beverages include basic hot and cold drinks and frappe and non-frappe variants.

Our choice. For family moments like these, we always choose what most milennials will like aside from Figaro’s famous BARAKO coffee (The Barako coffee, known for being the strongest coffee in the Philippines is a coffee variety grown in the Philippines particularly in the provinces of Batangas and Cavite).

Figaro's non-frappe beverages
Figaro’s non-frappe beverages (L-R) Forest Blueberry, Banana Caramel Blast and Wild Strawberry

Just a few quick steps away from the southeastern exit of SM Southmall, Figaro South Tower, also offers a 15 seat function room that is ideal for corporate and other business meetings (6 to 8 hours). Currently priced at P 5000 (worth of consumables), interested parties may directly get in touch with the Figaro staff for more details.

Figaro South Tower Conference room
Figaro South Tower Conference room

Figaro SM Southmall South Tower is truly the best coffee shop in Las Pinas city.

For me, there are a few pointers that you need to consider to be able to qualify as one of the best coffee shops in Las Pinas city. Here are some of them:

  • Your coffee shop must served good brewed coffee. Figaro serves ‘BARAKO’. That’s number one for me.
  • Good ambiance. This is a must for any coffee shop. Experience will always be valued by a coffee lover like me.
  • Good location. Preferably near parking and easily accessible.
  • Good food. This one too is a must. This makes an ideal out of home place for me, as Figaro’s Marinated Bangus Belly always brings me closer to home when I am working outside.
  • Price. Affordable and easy on the wallet.
  • Approachable and efficient staff. Yes, Figaro’s SM Southmall South Tower branch has them. Feel free to approach one of the staff, whenever you need assistance inside the coffee shop.
  • Wi-Fi. Yes, having a good wi-fi connection is essential nowadays for anyone. Just present your receipt to the staff and they’ll give you the password.
wechat pay and ali pay at figaro
WeChat Pay and Ali Pay are available in Figaro’s SM Southmall South Tower

If you happen to have WeChat Pay or Ali Pay, they are also being honored in Figaro SM Southmall South Tower. WeChat Pay is one of the leading mobile payment solutions in China and is actively used by some 600 million users every month.

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