SamgyupSalamat Expands Its Operations in Four Locations


What is Samgyupsalamat?

Samgyupsalamat has been famous for serving good quality Samgyupsals, a korean barbecue meet dish that people in the metro have begun to love. The word Samgyupsalamat was created with the idea of combining the two words, ‘Samgyupsal’ and ‘Salamat’ to make it ‘Samgyupsalamat’.  For those who don’t know, ‘Samgyupsal’ means ‘Pork belly’ in Korea, and ‘Salamat’, means ‘Thank you’ in Tagalog (Filipino). It is kind of a language play that means, “Thank you for eating Samgyupsal”.

Samgyupsalamat is famous for delicious samgyupsals

From more and more customers a day to waiting customers in line. That is our story. That is Samgyupsalamat’s story.

“SamgyupSalamat /Zoomanity Group in UnliCity At Century CityMall were very helpful in training the staffs. Customers were flocking in and we were not actually surprised since in all their locations, it’s always like that with customers waiting in line till 2 in the morning.”, says Sassy Punzalan (Operations Manager)

If you are looking for the best korean barbecue spots in Metro Manila, make sure that Samgyupsalamat is in your list. For those of you who are not yet aware of what Samgyupsal is, Samgyupsal is a korean barbecue (fresh belly meat) dish that you (the customer) usually grill on the table in front of you. I normally enjoy Samgyupsal with a side dish of kimchi, and gochujang sauce. Samgyupsals are served in thin or thick strips of pork belly that can be cooked in whole strips or in bite sizes, depending on your preference. The fresh meat is grilled without seasoning or marinating. You dip a piece in the sesame oil or ssamjang (a thick, spicy paste) sauce and wrap it in a lettuce leaf.

Where is Samgyupsalamat located?

Within a year, Samgyupsalamat Under Korean Alley is now in 4 locations. There is one in Metropolitan in Makati, one in Residence Inn Tagaytay, one in Century City Mall in Makati and the fourth one at Alabang Town Center.

SamgyupsalamatFor more information, contact 0999 6506344 or check or

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