Izakaya Kenta’s Happy Hour Gives Us More Reasons to Celebrate

izakaya kenta
Izakaya Kenta

If you are looking for a place to celebrate fun times with friends and family, a good place to go to is Izakaya Kenta.

Established in 1997 by Japanese owners and acquired by Dr. Rey Medina in 2013, Izakaya Kenta is an authentic Japanese restaurant located at the Ground Floor of Malate Bayview Mansion, along Adriatico St. (near Remedios Circle).

What Izakaya Kenta sets apart from its Japanese restaurant competitors is that it exudes a rustic Japanese vibe that stimulates the diner’s appetite through its picturesque presentation of dishes. The wooden tables and chairs boasts of the original connotation of ‘Izakaya’, which means ‘pubhouse’, a casual place for those who are into after-work drinking. Credits to the interior design goes to Architect Erwin Medina, who grew up in Japan and brought along his ideas of Japanese culture to Izakaya Kenta’s ambience.

Izakaya Kenta has 6 tatami (a rush-covered straw mat forming a traditional Japanese floor covering) private rooms that can accomodate 8 to 10 diners. A space is apportioned below the dining table so that customers will not feel knee numbness when they leave and still feel ecstatic after the Japanese dining experience.

Contrary to what a lot of foodies think of in a Japanese restaurant that focuses of Filipino Japanese fusion food, Izakaya Kenta is home to many authentic Japanese home cooked meals that Filipino foodies and Japanese tourists and residents frequently order and feast on when in Malate, Metro Manila. The owners and crew decided not to veer away from the authenticity of the Japanese recipes that were handed down by the original owners to the owners, chefs and crew of Izakaya Kenta.

They haveĀ a long list of menu best sellers that will surely exceed your dinner money’s worth and that is what this food review blog is all about.

Here’s my top three in their list of best sellers.

First off, never dine in Izakaya Kenta without ordering Tako Potato. The Tako Potato are large, crisp potato balls similar to a Takoyaki that you buy from food courts in malls but way much better. Topped with bonito flakes and dressed with a creamy Japanese mayo, you will always order for more. Only P 90.00 during the Happy Hour promo, instead of P 180.00.

tako potato
Izakaya Kenta’ Tako Potato

I decided to try out Gomoku Ramen, a seafood based noodle soup recipe with salad. After partaking my share, I decided to put this ramen on my number 2 in the list of my Izakaya Kenta favorites. You can’t go wrong with this ramen. Only P 150 during the Happy Hour promo instead of P 300.00.

gomoku ramen
Gomoku Ramen

Third in my list is their seafood Okonomiyaki, a savory Japanese pancake made up of eggs, choice seafood ingredients, topped with bonito flakes and special sauces. Only P 175.00 during the Happy Hour promo instead of P 350.00.


Other Happy Hour promo offerings include Ebi Tempura, Zaru Soba, Geki Kara Ramen and Yakisoba.


Ebi Tempura

Zaru Soba
Zaru Soba
geki kara ramen
Geki Kara Ramen

Izakaya Kenta recently launched their Happy Hour promo that would guarantee that you get 50% off on their bestseller list until December 30, 2017. The Happy Hour promo will run daily from 9:00 PM to 12:00 MN giving you more reasons to feast on Izakaya Kenta’s delicious and mouth watering food choices.

Follow their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/izakayakenta and IG page at @izakayakentajapaneserestaurant

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